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A ground-breaking portal designed and built in partnership with schools and MATs

Assemble provides a window to your educational world where you can find vital information on saving money, safeguarding children, cybersecurity, broadband services, attendance information and much more, all in one place.

Assemble is FREE and included in your Let's Get Digital subscription.

Feature Summary

What Can You Expect from Assemble?

Using your Microsoft or Google login you will be able to access: 

1. Your LGfL Savings Calculator which helps your school save money.

2. Your 'Security Score' identifies areas of risk and potential vulnerability.

3.  Your school's Sophos portal summarising where you may have systems at risk of being infected with viruses.

4. Your Malwarebytes portal summarising whether you may have malware or other alerts.

5. Information on the performance and utilisation of your broadband connection.

6. Key information about your school.

This is only the start!

Assemble Will Continue to Evolve 

Assemble has been designed to continually evolve and add richer functionality. It has been built as a modular, standards-based platform that focuses on integrating with applications and data. This approach means LGfL will continually iterate and develop what Assemble can do and future upgrades will include buying through Assemble, options for provisioning services, data dashboards and other business intelligence. Technically there are no limits to what Assemble can integrate with!

Getting Assemble Up and Running

We’ve been working with schools and MATs to test and improve Assemble, and we’re intending to roll out the platform to all schools over the course of the Autumn term in a phased rollout; with earlier access for any schools that have expressed interest in using the platform. Please keep an eye on your inbox and here for further information.

Assemble FAQs

    Wonde’s platform has been built to integrate seamlessly with your school MIS, ensuring your data is securely maintained, managed and accessible. This creates a single, simple-to-use portal that enables you to access and control all of your applications. LGfL is harnessing the power of Wonde to manage your access to the Assemble platform.

    You can find more information on how it works on their website, 

    Wonde will be able to help get you set up and connect your MIS, more information on their website 

    No, USO auto-update is used to sync your school's MIS with the USO platform to access some of LGfL's services.  Going forward, LGfL will use Wonde to access new services offered by LGfL.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at  

    Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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