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Elevate Cyber Security Toolkit for Schools

With regular headlines about schools falling victim to cybercrime, there is increasing pressure to ensure that governors and school leaders have appropriate controls in place to protect their schools. With this in mind, LGfL has developed the Elevate Cyber Security Toolkit for Schools.

The Elevate Cyber Security Toolkit is a collection of key documents that schools can use to elevate their cyber security. It can be used as a foundation for schools that want to attain Cyber Essentials Certification.

We've now added a cyber security risk reporting template that you can use with governors/school leaders.

Elevate Cyber Security Toolkit Documents

Cyber Security Policy Template

This cyber security policy should complement schools' existing social media and acceptable use policies. The policy outlines the school’s guidelines and security provisions that are there to protect its systems, services, and data in the event of a cyberattack.

Screenshot of Elevate Cyber Security Toolkit for Schools

Incident Response Plan

If your school is unfortunate enough to fall victim to a ransomware attack, or any other kind of unforeseen outage it needs a plan for how to recover. This Incident Response Plan can be used as a starting point for planning how you would recover.

Screenshot of Incident Response Plan

Risk Reporting Template

As the DfE have identified a need for for governors to receive cyber security training it is there will be increasing interested in the way that schools manage their cyber security risks. It is important for schools to have a clear and concise way to report on their cyber security posture. This template can be used in conjunction with the Risk Register to provide a comprehensive overview of your school's cyber security risks and the measures you're taking to control them.

Screenshot of Reporting Template

Cyber Security Audit

The DfE have updated their Cyber Security Standards for Schools and Colleges. There is now a requirement to conduct cyber security risk assessments annually. This document is designed to help schools complete such an assessment.

Screenshot of Cyber Security Audit

Example Registers

Example Risk Register

This example risk register can be used to Assess, Evaluate, Prioritise and Manage cyber security risks. It is a great tool to help support how schools report to governors on how they are proactively managing risks and improving their cyber security.

Example Risk Register Screenshot

Example Asset Register

It sounds obvious, but it’s impossible to be secure if you don’t know what you have. This asset register can be used as a starting point to inventory the equipment used in your school.

Screen of Example Asset Register

Example Software Register

In the same way that you can’t be secure if you don’t know what equipment you have, you also need to know which software and systems hold confidential information. This software register can be used to record which software/systems you have and whether they hold confidential information. It can be used to complement the Incident Response Plan for prioritising the recovery of services.

Screenshot of Example Software Register

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