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Mobile Device Management

Securely manage and control your school devices with Cisco Meraki MDM

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Cisco Meraki MDM

Mobile Device Management

Cisco Meraki MDM

Cisco Meraki MDM enables secure management and control of all school devices (including PCs) as well as providing features such as the remote deletion of data (a GDPR requirement).

LGfL broadband schools can claim free licences for secondary schools and primary schools.

Any school can buy Meraki MDM licences for a minimum 3-year term with discounts on purchases of 50 or more

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Introduction to Meraki Mobile Device Management


Unified multi-platform device management

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager provides over-the-air centralized management, diagnostics, and monitoring for the mobile devices managed by your organisation. Systems Manager monitors each of your organization’s devices, showing useful metrics.

Cisco Meraki MDM

Robust security policy enforcement

Enforce policies across mobile devices administered by your organisation. Protect devices and their data, control their usage with fine-grained passcode policies, and restrict access to the app store, gaming, and content.

Cisco Meraki MDM

Scalable endpoint configuration

Systems Manager also makes it easy to define and deploy network settings like wireless connectivity, security settings, and remote VPN access to all devices on your network at once.

Secure support for Bring Your Own Device initiatives

Improve the security of BYOD initiatives by enforcing data encryption, remotely wiping lost devices, and even restricting network access to managed devices. Cisco Meraki wireless has built-in support for BYOD, making it easy to securely support BYOD — without extra appliances, licences, or complex configuration.

Automatic device classification

Layer 7 client fingerprinting technology is integrated into all Cisco Meraki products lets you see all the devices on your network, with no configuration required. Client devices are automatically identified and classified, letting you distinguish between mobile devices, desktop PCs, see device operating systems, and even see device hardware manufacturers.

Case studies

How do you manage devices effectively to ensure they can fulfil your T&L strategy?

Ben Kennor from St Fidelis School explains how they manage devices effectively to ensure they can fulfil their teaching and learning strategy.


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