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Empowering you to recover from ransomware attacks with offsite backups


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LGfL's encrypted cloud backup supports the DfE Cyber Security Standards

with a free allocation available to LGfL Schools

Backup your data securely. Recover it quickly. Manage and control it intelligently. Help to comply with the GDPR by responding promptly to Subject Access Requests.

Please note that your Google and Microsoft cloud tenancies are NOT backed up by default.

Backups enable you to recover your data if you should have a ransomware attack.

GridStore gives you the storage and the support to take snapshots of your data and recover it to a point in time. All from a central console.

GridStore offers an encrypted offsite backup in resilient UK data centres, with a free allocation to all LGfL Schools.

Introduction to GridStore

GridStore architecture

A resilient, encrypted, off-site backup storage management platform using Redstor's Enterprise Server Edition (ESE) software. Backup your “mission critical” data automatically and on a daily basis to help comply with the GDPR requirements for your schools data.

GridStore Upgrade

GridStore has now been upgraded to Enterprise Server Edition (ESE) which is much better and smarter!

LGfL customers love GridStore

“GridStore is our lifeline and quite indispensable"

Nathan Bareham, Senior Technician, Guru Nanak Multi Academy Trust

“We have been using GridStore for a number of years now and found it to be the best offsite backup solution by far. We would definitely recommend this solution for secure offsite backups”

Kuljit Chana, Managing Director, Deku Solutions Ltd

GridStore Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes! Your LGfL Let’s Get Digital subscription includes DR (Disaster Recovery) by Default. LGfL will provide 50GB free of charge to primary and special schools and 100GB to secondary schools. Should your school require more than the free allocation, platform management fees will apply. The fees will depend on how much additional storage your school requires.

    GridStore provides your school with peace of mind that in the event of a disaster at your school e.g. flooding, file corruption or accidental deletion, your data is fully recoverable. All data selected for back up is stored offsite in Redstor’s Data Centres.

    Yes! Your data is secure. The data is sent encrypted across the Internet to Redstor’s secure, resilient Data Centres where it is then encrypted and only your school has the encryption key to decrypt the data.

    No! Redstor’s resilient Data Centres are both based in the UK so at no point does your data leave these shores.

    The Redstor ESE client provides GridStore customers with features including:

    • Backing up the latest version of the Windows Operating Systems;

    • Improved data recovery times (9x faster than the current version);

    • Full system recovery for Virtual servers;

    • Full system recovery for Physical servers;

    • Share Point, One Drive and Exchange data recovery (O365);

    • Google Drive backup;

    • The ability to archive older, less frequently accessed files; and

    • File search to assist with Subject Access Requests (SAR).

    The main difference between SE and ESE is that the SE client was designed to back up the data stored on your local servers and also the system state of the server. The ESE client has been designed for a different era in computing and data management as it provides support for backing up and restoring Virtual Machines (VM’s), entire physical servers and data stored in cloud platforms, such as O365 and Google. Backup times are now also 9 times faster!

    Yes! Cloud platforms such as O365 and Google ensure that your data is available for your school to use as and when you wish to use it, it does not provide a back up of the data. GridStore will provide your school with complete assurance that your school’s data selected to be backed up in these platforms is fully recoverable.

    Yes! Federated schools and MAT’s can purchase a pool of storage on the platform and split this between the schools in the Federation / MAT.

    Existing customers of GridStore will benefit from the richer feature set of the new product at no additional cost to them. This does mean however, that sadly, you will not be eligible for a further discount as LGfL have managed to upgrade the product and keep your costs the same. Primary and special schools currently only purchasing 50GB, will be automatically upgraded to 100GB at no additional cost!

    There is a 3 year minimum contract length with GridStore. After the 3 year initial term, the service will automatically renew annually.

    Easy! If your school requires additional storage, this is available in 100GB chunks. Email with your storage requirement and we will pro rata the platform management fees to align with the date of your next bill. Then at your next renewal, we will invoice your school for the new platform management fees.

    No! The SIMS connector licence is now included as part of the ESE client so there is no longer any additional charge for a SIMS connector licence. Schools currently using GridStore that purchase a SIMS connector will no longer be charged for it and it will not appear on your next scheduled bill.

    Yes! However, due to the commercial arrangements between LGfL and Redstor, we may not be able to provide your school with our standard pricing. Your school will receive a price on application.

    Why would you want to? There will always be a requirement to protect your mission critical data and due to LGfL’s economies of scale, we have secured the best price for the best data backup product on the market. However, should your school wish to cancel after your initial 3 year term, please email 30 days before the date of your next service renewal.

    GridStore is an exclusive platform for LGfL customers only. If you would like further information about our wide range of products and services and why your school should join the LGfL community, please email, or call us on 020 8408 4455 or visit our website

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