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LGfL Digital Excellence Awards

Many schools entered the Digital Excellence Awards 2020; celebrating the best practice and innovative approaches in using the wide range of learning resources and services provided by LGfL.

This year a cash prize of £1000 was included, in addition to the physical award and an image to display on the school’s website.

Below you will find the Winners and Highly Recommended for each category.

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Innovative use of LGfL Content

Winner: Colville Primary School

Colville Primary showed evidence of broad use of LGfL resources across the school with some interesting projects cited; this included creative and innovative use of Minecraft across KS2. Staff members had also been part of an LGfL Pilot Project and the entry demonstrated how LGfL training had been used in the school to develop the use of resources including across the humanities subjects.

Highly Commended: Trafalgar Infants School

Trafalgar Infants provided evidence for broad use of LGfL resources and engagement with the wider offer within their setting. In addition, they showed how their Digital Cadets (students) supported the schools use of LGfL and demonstrated excellent inclusive practice with the tools too and how the youngest pupils were able to log in with their USOs and encouraged to continue using LGfL resources in their homes.

Highly Commended: Exning Primary School

Exning Primary provided excellent examples of how the school encouraged home use of LGfL resources and pupil voice was very evident and strong within their entry. Following their recent Ofsted inspection, they were also able to provide this quote, “Ofsted observed we use technology strategically in order to suit the purpose of that lesson or unit”.

Whole School Cloud Transformation

Winner: Cheam Common Junior Academy

Cheam Common Junior Academy provided strong evidence and a detailed implementation plan of how cloud transformation has been utilised with pupils and staff to make their work more efficient, make cost savings and for safeguarding (through a cloud-based safeguarding system). Their 1:1 Chromebook deployment in Year 4 and 5 has allowed great innovation in terms of pupils' learning experiences; Slides and Classroom are used consistently as the main teaching platform, being supported by LGfL and other third party applications.

Highly Commended: St Fidelis Primary School

St Fidelis' entry provided strong evidence of using cloud with ALL stakeholders (including Governors). They demonstrated innovation in the classroom including the use of Adobe, aiding classflow and a 1:2 deployment of devices in KS2 (having made use of LGfL’s Neverware licenses). St Fidelis were also Highly Commended in this category in 2019.

Inclusive Practice Using LGfL Resources

Winner: Lessness Heath Primary

Lessness Heath’s entry showed good practice for ensuring the pupils’ mental health and wellbeing. They have a Designated Mental Health Lead in post, who has provided staff training on using LGfL resources for promoting personal development.

Keeping Children Safe Online: Curriculum & Safeguarding

Winner: Manor Park Primary School

Manor Park Academy demonstrated that the whole school makes great use of the LGfL Safeguarding materials. These are owned by the teachers since they adapt to suit their cohort and use within PSHE lessons and others.

Innovative Use of Adobe Creative Cloud

Winner: Burnt Oak Junior School

Burnt Oak Junior provided extensive and outstanding evidence of their use of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Pupils across the school use the Adobe tools in various subject areas and on any topic; the school newspaper (produced by Journalism Club) is a further example where they fully utilise the tools offered by Adobe Creative Cloud.

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