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Let's Celebrate 2

Re-cap it,

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If you didn't get the chance to attend our Let's Celebrate II Conference, bringing together the legends of the EdTech world, catch up with the full conference live stream or the fantastic insights from 'Legends of Learning' shared throughout the event, including exclusive extra content from some of our seminar sessions.  

Keynote Speakers

Rock Kidz on Tour 

Rock Kidz On Tour gives Primary Schools around the country the opportunity to learn important life lessons in a fun way through our high-energy rockstar workshops. 

John Jackson

John helped to found LGfL in 2001 and held senior leadership and advisory roles in both central and local government. He is passionate about harnessing digital innovation to inspire children and teachers to enable education transformation. John has been named in the top 25 IT Leaders in the UK and is currently a member of the DfE National EdTech Advisory Group. John most recently won the ERA Outstanding Achievement Award for accelerating the adoption of new technology in schools and his dedication to saving them money, keeping children safe, tackling inequality, energising teaching and learning and promoting wellbeing.  

Nick Corston - STEAM .Co 

In the last ten years, Nick has been described as a ‘man on a mission’ by Wired magazine and The Guardian. That mission is to raise a million quids to inspire a million kids to aim higher than his high viz, powered by their creativity and our communities.

In the last year, he was a finalist as Art Council England’s Digital Evangelist and for Digital Transformation, a Finalist in the Charity Film awards and listed in the #EdTech50.

Prior to founding STEAM Co. to help connect our kids with their art and communities with their schools, Nick was a pioneer in launching two of the country’s first digital agencies and creating the first beer ad on a CD ROM for Heineken, Microsoft’s first webcast and helping launch the PS2.

He now flies round the UK in #StarShip22 and blames Chris Dyson and John Jackson for most of the adventures he’s had in the last few years with cardboard, code and creativity.

Ty Goddard

Ty is the co-founder of The Education Foundation and chair of Edtech UK. He is one of the UK's leading experts on education reform and a regular commentator on the future of education. He has worked extensively with LGfL on the DfE funded EdTech Demonstrator Programme during the Covid Pandemic and now on the development of the LGfL/EdTech UK EdTech Hub programme

Mark Bentley 

Mark was a secondary head of department who leads LGfL’s safeguarding and cybersecurity centres of excellence. He is passionate about keeping children safe and schools secure. He plays an active role nationally advising and developing policy in these areas and the emerging safetytech space. 

Melissa McBride

Melissa McBride is an extraordinary EdTech founder and visionary leader who is shaping the future of education. With a deep passion for leveraging technology to transform learning, Melissa spearheads Sophia Tech's mission to revolutionize education in the digital age.

Melissa's unwavering passion for enhancing student outcomes through digital technology led her to co-found Sophia Technologies. As the CEO of this groundbreaking EdTech company, she spearheads the creation of an innovative online education ecosystem that empowers schools, students, and teachers. With Melissa's leadership, Sophia Technologies is transforming the educational landscape, creating a more inclusive, engaging, and forward-looking learning environment.

Chris Dyson 

Chris Dyson, was the headteacher at Parklands Primary, situated on one of Europe's largest council estates in Leeds. One of the most deprived schools in Leeds, with 64% Pupil Premium, when Chris arrived at the school, it had been deemed inadequate and had 150 suspensions in a year. By the time he left, exclusions had dropped to only 1 in 9 years, the school has the highest progress score for Maths in the country and were in the Top 5% in Reading and Writing. Ofsted judged the school outstanding.

Chris's strength is changing the culture of schools, with the proverbial 'carrot' being used rather than a stick, coaching used with staff, and the wellbeing of staff and children becoming the driving force. 

Chris is the Deputy CEO of a Trust in Birmingham with 3000 children, The Create Trust, where in March 2023 one of the schools moved from Inadequate (ungraded) to Good by Inspectors.

Dan FitzPatrick

The author of the acclaimed book, The AI Classroom: The Ultimate Guide to Artificial

Intelligence in Education, Dan imparts invaluable insights and tactics for harnessing AI in education. His exceptional work in the industry has earned him esteemed accolades such as the Tech Champion Award at the Digital Industry Dynamite Awards in 2022, and recognition in the latest EdTech50 awards.

Dan's former roles include serving as Director for Digital Strategy at Education Partnership North East and as a senior leader at a secondary school. Presently, he assumes the role of Director at, Director at Edufuturists, and Director of Scout Industries.

Exclusive Extras

Mark Anderson - Leadership on AI in Education

Discover why strong leadership on AI in education is crucial. In the exciting and fast-paced world of educational technology, AI has had a huge impact already; from data privacy and security, to workload reduction to student plagiarism, to algorithmic bias. In this session explore how to navigate these challenges whilst fostering an inclusive and ethical AI strategy in your school. Don’t miss out on this important session which will be useful for teachers and leaders alike.  

Kelly Hannaghan - AI and Wellbeing in Education: Friend or Foe?

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education has brought about numerous advancements and transformations in the learning process. While AI offers exciting possibilities to enhance educational outcomes, it also raises important questions about its impact on both student and staff wellbeing. In this session we will delve into the complex relationship between AI and wellbeing, exploring the potential benefits and challenges associated with its implementation in educational settings. 

Mubina Asaria & Mark Bentley - Online Safety or Online Harms? The Latest Trends

Find out the latest trends identified in online behaviours of children and young people as well as worrying findings about how children are being targeted. They will share key findings from Ofcom and IWF research as well as explore the latest threats that schools have been sharing with us to help you examine whether your proactive and reactive responses are adequate. 

Rob Widger - Real World Robotics - A New Pilot Opportunity for LGfL Schools

A workshop showing how easily robotics can be integrated into many subjects bridging the gap between education and the real world. Delegates will get a chance to experience this new technology and have the opportunity to sign up to a new LGfL pilot project using the innovative Shape Robotics technology. 


Ty Goddard, Mia Boddington, Dr Fiona Aubrey-Smith, John Jones, Graham Macaulay - AI Question Time with EdTech Hub Expert Panel

Chaired by Ty Goddard of EdTech UK, experts from the EdTech Hubs and PedTech Programme will reflect on the AI seminars at the conference and the broader backdrop in the education section drawing on their expertise and experiences. The discussion will also offer an opportunity for a Q&A session with attendees to the expert panel. 

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