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Education Today School & Supplier Awards

LGfL is a Finalist at the Education Today School and Supplier Awards 2023 for Best Supplier of ICT software and Overall Supplier!

Thank you for all your support.


The New Assemble Portal

LGfL Assemble is a new and ground-breaking portal to LGfL services that has been designed and built in partnership with schools and Multi Academy Trusts. 

No Broadband price hikes in 2023

No Price Hikes Since 2016

LGfL is acutely aware of the financial pressures on schools and are proud to reassure schools that we have no intention of increasing charges in 2023

LGfL in the news

Schools Week logo

Schools Week
November 9th 2023

Online safety: What Ofcom’s new guidance means for schools

The new law and Ofcom's new guidance don't let schools off the hook, but they do make the future a little brighter for them and their pupils, says Mark Bentley

The Independent Logo

The Independent
August 16th 2023

Red flags you might be missing about your child’s online safety

Mark Bentley, safeguarding and cyber security lead at LGfL is quoted on here the warning signs parents and families should be aware of.

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February 2nd 2023

EdTech Hubs at Bett 2023

LGfL and EdTech UK are working in partnership to develop communities of practice that provide peer-to-peer support for the effective use of technology for enhancing teaching and learning.

Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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