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DigiSafe Digest - the RSHE online safety quiz

RSHE is the new home of online safety in the curriculum as it becomes statutory from September 2020. To help you make a start with some of the issues, we have made these two quizzes to help pupils and teachers explore some of the issues.

Why not use one or both quizzes to start the new term...and then revisit or do the other one at the end of term. They address similar themes but with different scenarios.

Each quiz has 25 questions and can be completed individually, in groups or as a class - then discuss why each answer is correct, using the score and feedback you see for each question when you click submit.

The questions are deliberately simple and are designed to make pupils think about WHY each answer is correct - ideal to provoke class discussions, with explanations that will be just as useful for teachers as for pupils. Click one of the red buttons to see the quizzes now.

We would love to hear your feedback - let us know what you think at Find this page again by visiting

Undressed! Do you know teach children not to get undressed on camera?

The characters used in the graphics for DigiSafe Daily and Digest come from Undressed, our campaign and song to help young children learn in a non-scary way not to respond to dares or challenges to get changed or undressed on camera - it happens. If you haven't used it, visit and sing (and learn) along!

Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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