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The Future of Web Filtering from LGfL

LGfL Schoolprotect

To help meet the DfE Standards on filtering, we are looking to the future with SchoolProtect, our suite of products for keeping children safe on the internet when they are in school.

So what is SchoolProtect all about? Watch the video below to find out what is coming by the summer holidays to give you new functionality in time for September 2023. 

SchoolProtect FAQs

    Starting from July we will be migrating all schools onto the new system. Three tranches of schools have already been migrated onto SchoolProtect. 

    SchoolProtect represents a new era in filtering and will eventually encompass different products. SchoolProtect-WebScreen is the first, but don't worry - it's not just a name change - there is plenty of new functionality coming to help you keep children safer, as well as a multi-million pound refresh of technology to make sure that the infrastructure is fit for the future.

    It certainly is. As we have had so many queries and KCSIE focuses so much on filtering, we have built a new page to help safeguarding teams understand their duties, the standards and what it means to manage filtering as a DSL.

    The answer to that is best summed up by the video at the top of this page, but decryption (why is that important and a good thing? see the videos here) and more authentication, reporting and filtering by user group (this time Chromebook authentication being added to the Windows Active Directory synch) is just the beginning. Next year we will add more user auth opportunities. better audit logs and much more. 

    The infrastructure refresh is particularly important - you won't notice that, but it means we have the latest technology, futureproof protections and the ability to add the functionality you need. Much of this was already planned but its importance has been highlighted by the new standards and emphasis on a safeguarding-first approach (such as the DSL now having lead responsibility for filtering).

    Good question - in fact we have made a series of videos to help with that for beginners and experts alike. Head over to this page and binge on SchoolProtect videos - who needs Netflix?

    Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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