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Develop Your Digital Strategy

Wherever you are on your digital Journey, LGfL is here to help you

Getting the best outcomes and value for money from the use of EdTech requires a carefully planned strategy that covers the following:

  • Building a digital vision and defining objectives to deliver clear outcomes

  • Assessing the current state of technology and its effectiveness

  • Identifying key components to deliver the vision

  • Determining Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Managing change and risk

  • Choosing the right partners and understanding how support will be delivered

  • Benchmarking

  • Embedding ongoing training

  • Measuring the benefits

Engaging all Stakeholders

LGfL provides free training sessions for Schools and MATs looking at building or developing their digital strategy and these have been attended by digital leaders, heads and IT leaders from Single schools, Local authorities or Multi academy Trusts.

LGfL Training

Training and Support

LGfL in-school support, training and conference events are integral parts of the LGfL Energise curriculum service provided at no extra charge for schools

Digital Transformation Toolkit

Digital Transformation Toolkit

Welcome to the Digital Transformation Toolkit (DTT). This powerful self diagnostic tool has been designed to allow schools, LA's and Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) to assess all elements of digital transformation in one place; identifying the key criteria to support the successful implementation of digital technologies to effectively support all aspects of a school community.

EdTech Hubs

EdTech Hubs

LGfL, in partnership with EdTech UK, are developing communities of practice that share advice and guidance about the successful and impactful adoption of technology within school communities. Use the link below to access the next online support and on demand events from experienced senior leaders and expert practitioners.

EdTech Hub Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets - Digital Strategy

Tower Hamlets Local Authority is working in partnership with LGfL to develop communities of practice that share expertise and experiences relating to:

  • Effective use of technology to support everyday teaching and learning

  • Effective whole school communication and efficient work practices

The Tower Hamlets Digital Strategy for Schools is their template for their support; this portal features schools already making effective use of technology who have shared their experiences for the benefit of other schools within and beyond the Tower Hamlets community.

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