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The installation Phase

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LGfL Onboarding

Overview of the Installation Phase

Welcome and Introduction

Your order will be assigned to a Project Manager at Virgin Media who will contact you to arrange a site survey. If your fibre is being delivered by a third party such as BT, they will contact you directly. Following the survey there will be a period of planning where Virgin Media establish the most appropriate route to bring fibre into your school.

Route Approval and Wayleave

Once planning is complete, the route will be uploaded to the USO portal for your approval. Any associated Wayleave or permission to work will also need to be agreed at this stage before works can commence. Please note that if your fibre is being delivered by a third party, they will agree this with you directly.


This can consist of both civil engineering & cabling works. Dependent on the scale & location of the civils element there could be highways noticing required should works be in certain areas such as carriageways. Notice periods can vary, potentially adding delay to the process but thankfully lengthy notices are rare and we'll discuss with you the impact of any delay should it arise.


Following completion of civils, the cabling can take place. This is usually a quick process but there is always the risk that cable ducts could be blocked and require clearance. Virgin Media and BT generally mitigate this risk by performing “early engagement works” to check cable ducts for blockages in advance.

Ready for Install

Once the cable has been pulled all the way to your IT cabinet, it will be spliced into a fibre tray and your school will be ready for the final install. Once ready for install, a router and firewall will be dispatched to your school and an engineer will be scheduled to perform the final install.

Progress Updates & Support

You'll receive regular updates throughout the installation process. Should there be any issues, we will discuss potential impact to your school and work with you to ensure continuity of service. There are occasions where necessary to install a contingency line or to apply a short tern extension with your existing provider but we will discuss the best option with you should the situation arise.

Key Contacts

Throughout the process, your order is being monitored by LGfL who will be issuing regular updates in terms of fibre provisioning and should be your first port of call for any queries or concerns. Customer Success at LGfL will also be engaging with you throughout the process to ensure necessary technical tasks are carried out in advance of the install. to ensure a smooth transition. Below you will see the organisations involved throughout the phases:

    Virgin Media Project Office 


    Virgin Media Project Office 

    3rd Party Civil Contractors 

    3rd Party Cabling Contractors 

    Virgin Media Wayleave Officer

    Virgin Media Project Officer

    Virgin Media Field Engineer

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