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USO AutoUpdate

USO-AutoUpdate is a comprehensive application that reduces user account administration by keeping USO records up-to-date and in sync with a school's local MIS database. 

USO-AutoUpdate is included in the LGfL subscription for all LGfL schools.

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USO AutoUpdate Features

Secure MIS synchronisation

With LGfL USO authenticating ever more ICT-based services the number of systems dependent on up-to-date school staff and student data continues to grow.

USO-AutoUpdate is a comprehensive method of keeping school USO records up-to-date by syncing them with the school's local MIS database. The software interacts directly with a school’s MIS, producing regular data exports of fields agreed by the school, in a highly transparent manner designed to instil confidence and help schools meet the requirements laid down by the Data Protection Act relevant to this process.

Reduces user account administration

Once extracted, MIS data is encrypted and securely sent to the central USO management system for processing. New USO accounts are then automatically created and existing accounts are updated with any relevant changes since the last data export, greatly reducing the amount of manual administration.

Extensive service Integration

With no limits imposed on export frequency, USO-AutoUpdate can handle the data requirements of integrated services such as text messaging, VLE/MLE/LP synchronisation, Remote Access and reporting/authentication services for parents. USO-AutoUpdate allows a streamlined flow of user data, so when a third party (Learning Platform or VLE provider, for instance) requests data it can use to match its own user accounts, the data can be made available to them. This allows the third party to synchronise its own user accounts with USO accounts so that all users can access the service via their USO accounts, enhancing security and eliminating the need to remember more than one set of credentials.

Compatible with a variety of MIS

The USO-AutoUpdate software is currently compatible for use with locally installed and hosted MIS products. These include Capita SIMS, Wauton Samuel, Serco CMIS, Pearson E1 and RM Integris G2.

USO AutoUpdate process diagram

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