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Delivery and Device Commissioning

For more information regarding delivery or device commissioning, please see delivery and deployment information below.

Faulty Devices and Billing Issues 

For support with faulty devices or with billing please log a support ticket below.


In the unlikely event you need to escalate an issue, please contact Bridge the Divide Customer Success Manager, Steven Smith

Anything Else

For any other queries or support please email

or call: 

0208 408 4455 (option 4)

Deployment Guides

The Beginners Guide to Chromebooks and G-Suite set up.

A beginner video to explain what G-suite Education is and what Chromebooks are to allow you to understand and make the most of your Chromebooks.

The Intermediate Guide to Chromebooks and G-Suite set up.

An Intermediate level video for those that have Google G-Suite education and now want to get started with it.

The Advanced Guide to Chromebooks and G-Suite set up.

An advanced video for those that have Google G-Suite for Education and are familiar with the interface of it.  It is also aimed at those that have received their Chromebooks.

How Schools are Benefitting from Great Devices!

Leo Academy Trust's Experience with Bridge The Divide
Leo Academy Trust - What Platforms and Resources Have You Been Using?
Leo Academy Trust - What are the Benefits of One to One Device Ratios?
Leo Academy Trust - Advice to Those Considering Using Bridge The Divide

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Purchase Devices with #BridgeTheDivide to make the get devices at incredible prices.

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Lease Devices

We have leasing options available to help build the right device programme for you, your pupils, and your budget.

Lease Devices with LGfL

Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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