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Getting started with EnergisED

We understand that teachers and support staff are busy and have multiple pressures on their precious time.
Watch the summary introduction video and follow the 10 point advice plan to benefit today from LGfL EnergisED

Primary EnergisED Summary video

Secondary EnergisED Summary video

10 ways to maximise the impact of the LGfL EnergisED service in your school 

1. Stay up to date and maximise the latest curriculum-related opportunities such as pilot projects and latest resource releases via the LGfL EnergisED newsletters

2.  Receive expert support, guidance and insights from across the LGfL learning community via the LGfL Inspire Training Programme

3.  Watch the EnergisED service Introductory summary videos for an overview of the service  which you can then show to all your staff as part of the whole school CPD programme

4.  Learn from successful leaders and classroom practitioners via our unique Case Studies

5.  Reduce your planning workload with ready-made scheme of work and lesson plans integrated into learning resources

6.  Maximise the in-built accessibility features on the devices you already own

7.  Ensure that the Pedagogy Leads your use of technology and not the other way around!

8.  Build relationships within the LGfL community (and beyond) with lead EdTech Hub Schools that have embedded inclusive practice into their everyday teaching & learning

9.  Explore the range of dedicated learning resources

10.  Sign up to the LGfL Curriculum Blog to hear about the latest development in the effective use of technology to support everyday teaching and learning.

Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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