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Communication Works 2023

Cenmac 2023

Communication Works is annual conference hosted by CENMAC, a unique service based in London, supporting children and young people to access the curriculum and/or to communicate with a wide range of assistive technologies. Communication Works gives visitors the opportunity to see a range of assistive and accessible technology, communication tools, digital strategies and person-centred approaches, while being inspired by those who use these technologies. 

The 2023 theme was #GetSeen and we were thrilled that Paralympian and inspirational AAC user and advocate Beth Moulam delivered the keynote speech. We were also delighted that Clarke Reynolds, a well-known and innovative Braille artist, also delivered a keynote speech and held a Braille art workshop. 

Arran Smith, Microsoft’s SEND and Dyslexia Consultant also joined us as a special guest speaker. He spoke about assistive technology which has been brought into mainstream use and enables people of all ages to access the inbuilt assistive technology anytime, anywhere.  

Beth Moulam 

'From my own experience, I recommend four steps to help us thrive. 
First, remember everyone is different and not everyone will use the same communication strategies. Second, always presume competence. We often see that people with acquired conditions like Stephen Hawking and Rob Burrow don't have to jump through a hoop at the start of every conversation. Third, make sure we have time to respond. 
Acorns eventually grow into trees, but it doesn't happen overnight. And finally, try to make every interaction meaningful for both of us'

Beth Moulam 

UDL - Removing barriers to learning with Bob Usher

'We are all gatekeepers. The decisions that we make ultimately influence the progress of a child more than anything else. And that's us; that's within our power. 

We all have a positive role to play. Of course, technology can play a massive role in effective, inclusive practice with the right pedagogy: 

So in summary; Connect with your learners, and present so they can understand and give opportunities for them to express their learning in the most effective way'

Bob Usher - LGfL Content Manager

Clarke Reynolds - Braille Artist

'We're here to be seen. We're here to make a difference and to change how the world sees us and be a mentor for the children that have grown up with. I don't like, the word disability, I prefer the expression different ability. We're all have different abilities'  

Clarke Reynolds - Braille Artist

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