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IncludED Case Study

Exning Primary School

Exning Primary School - What does inclusion mean to you?

'Inclusion means every single child in school has the same opportunities to learn and to thrive'

James Clark - Headteacher - Exning Primary School

Why have you now got a SEND Unit on-site?

'We purposely moved existing staff from school into the new SEND unit. We took the ethos of our school into the unit, so it was there from the very beginning. Following the opening of that unit, our school has become a much richer environment. The children and families that have joined our Hive classroom have benefited from outstanding teaching practice, which has moved from our school into the special needs classroom. We have some phenomenal staff that work in the unit and obviously. the children in the unit benefit hugely from the high expectations and the aspirational teaching and learning that goes on there'

James Clark - Headteacher - Exning Primary School

What is the impact of the SEND Unit on-site? 

'We have upskilled all of our staff teams so that they are able to deal with kind of all of our learners in school as well as those children in the SEND unit. We have developed lots of strategies that have had a massive benefit on the rest of the school; things like the zones of regulation, so the children can understand their feelings and emotions better'

James Clark - Headteacher - Exning Primary School

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