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Getting started with the IncludED Service

At LGfL we are committed to supporting the development of inclusive approaches to everyday teaching and learning whether in Primary, Secondary, Specialist Provision, PRU, Hospital School or Home Tutored. 

We believe that truly inclusive practice is a state of mind more than any particular approach, set of resources or technology.

Introduction to the IncludED service

The included service is led by a team of experienced expert educational practitioners that have extensive and relevant experience of harnessing the inclusive and effective use of technology in everyday teaching and learning.

We develop targeted learning resources, create effective CPD materials and events, and offer high quality training. This includes support for learners for whom English is an additional language. LGfL recognises the breadth of expertise of staff in our classrooms and schools and the multitude of professionals who work with them.

We actively engage in collaborative partnerships to provide specialist CPD support, and we produce learning resources to enable and enhance effective inclusive practice within everyday teaching and learning.

Getting started with IncludED Service

A key element of the included service is our portfolio of inclusive learning resources and CPD support material for educators. We are privileged to work with a wide range of expert educators and specialists in their field to capture, curate and share models of positive replicable and impactful inclusive practice, often using the latest online technologies.

We hope to encourage teachers to open up the ways in which learners can express their own knowledge, skills and understanding that best suits their individual talents. Join us to help maximize the opportunities for everyone to achieve their full potential.

Getting started with IncludED Service

1. Sign up for LGfL IncludED newsletters

2. Engage in the LGfL Inspire Training Programme

3. Explore the range of dedicated inclusion resources

4. Learn from successful leaders and classroom practitioners via our inclusive case studies

5. Highlight on your own calendar some of the re-occurring annual inclusive events 

6. Maximise the in built accessibility features on the devices you already own

7. Ensure that the pedgogy leads your use of technology and not the other way around!

8. Build relationships within the LGfL community (and beyond) with lead EdTech Hub Schools that have embedded inclusive practice into their everyday teaching & learning

9. Listen to extended conversations with experts in the field of inclusion via The IncludED Conversation Podcast Channel

10. Sign up to the LGfL Curriculum Blog to hear about the latest development in the effective use of technology to support everyday teaching and learning.

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