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Listening Books

Listening Books now offers over 100 curriculum based audiobooks direct to all schools who are part of the LGfL – National Grid for Learning, to be used with pupils with SEND. All teachers in all LGfL schools as well as students in London special schools who are LGfL users can now access these audiobooks with their USO username and password.

What does the LGfL version of Listening Books offer?

All LGfL Schools' teachers and SEND students have access to 95 books from the Listening Books service accessible anytime, anywhere via the LGfL USO log in.

How can LGfL schools use the Listening Books service?

This video explains who has access to the LGfL Listening Books service, eg teachers and students in a SEND context.


What is the Listening Books service?

Louise Barling explains how the Listening Book service came about and who it aims to support.


How are the books recorded?

Nik de Garis explains his role at Listening Books and how he gets a professional end result for listeners.


How can audio books help dyslexic learners?

Audio books can offer particular benefits for learners that are dyslexic.


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