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Wellbeing in Education: A Whole School Approach

Discover how to foster student wellbeing and create a nurturing school culture through a comprehensive, whole school approach. Gain practical strategies, tools, and frameworks to measure, monitor, and support student wellbeing, enhancing academic success and promoting a positive learning environment.

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What is mental wealth?

'Mental wealth is the thing that we do when we capitalise on the things that help us keep healthy and well. So it's considering what we need to add in to support our mental wealth. So for some of our young people, it may be building up that social capital to help support their network systems. For others, it could be partaking in extra-curricular activities. And for some of our young people, it may quite simply be helping them recognise their needs and to respond to those needs effectively.'

How can we support young people to talk about their own MHWB?

'I would highly recommend training wellbeing ambassadors within schools because we know that young people often listen better to people their own age. So if we can provide this learning opportunity, that creates a sustainable approach where young people, our future leaders are teaching other young people about the importance of mental health support.'

Wellbeing Connected

Take a look at LGfL's Wellbeing Connected resource. Particularly 'Whole School Approaches'. 'Why Mental Health Matters' and 'Pupil Wellbeing' sections.

Wellbeing Connected

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