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Explore our products and services to support your setting with cybersecurity provisions

Sophos Intercept X

Provides sophisticated protection for private and sensitive data ensuring schools don’t suffer ransomware attacks or lockouts.

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Sophos Home

LGfL schools are being offered the use of Sophos Home antivirus software free of charge to staff at LGfL schools. This commercial edition of Sophos protects up to 10 personal (not school! Use the other Sophos products for that) devices (PCs or Macs) per household.

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Meraki MDM

Meraki Mobile Device Management - enables secure management and control of all school devices (including PCs) as well as providing features such as the remote deletion of data (a GDPR requirement).

Meraki Magic


GridStore gives you the storage and the support to take snapshots of your data and recover it to a point in time. All from a central console. Backup your data securely. Recover it quickly. Manage and control it intelligently. Help to comply with the GDPR by responding promptly to Subject Access Requests.

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Security School Report

LGfL's Security School Report allows you to check your school or MAT's security vulnerabilities at no charge.

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DDoS Protection

Providing protection against all Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks; a malicious attempt to disrupt the normal traffic of your internet connection by overwhelming the network infrastructure with a flood of traffic.

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Secure Remote Access

In the event of school closure, LGfL schools can use the new Remote Access platform, Freedom2Roam, to access their onsite internal network.

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MailProtect is an email filtering service, offering users versatile functionality and protection from email-borne spam, viruses, and abuse.

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