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LGfL has produced a range of unique resources with partners to support the delivery of Holocaust Education.

Follow the intrepid astronaut Tazz Anderson and her on board computer (MIC) on a mission to the moon to bring back the valuable raw material ‘Dysprosium’ for use in smart devices back on planet Earth.

A comprehensive training tool developed for staff to support pupils, the community and themselves with Mental Health and Wellbeing

Study aspects of the River Thames between Hampton and the River Darrent as part of local studies for History and Geography

Resources to help school communities build resilience and understand mental health better

Immersive Learning - Create user-generated immersive environments and scenarios using an iPad the Sandbox platform and a creative mind

Introduction to the Bard for learners with SEND, EAL and Early Years from SEN Assist

Switch-compatible literacy tool from SEN Assist for SEND pupils but ideal for EYFS too

Find out about the key role played by the British Secret Service in helping to hasten the end of WWII; a special unit tasked with listening to the conversations of high ranking Nazi Prisoners of War

Understanding the 20th Century conflict between East and West – comprehensive insight into the Cold War from those who lived through it

The six major world faiths, seen through the eyes of London schoolchildren

Featuring expert video, Fossils and Dinosaurs features the development of life on our planet over billions of years.

This KS1 resource takes a handful of particularly important events and people and investigates their impact on history

Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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