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KCSIE Staff Knowledge Quizzes (updated for KCSIE 2023)

To help you make sure staff have read (and more importantly understood) KCSIE*, we have developed a bank of free quizzes available to all schools.

Select one or several (great to review issues throughout the year) of the quizzes below to share with colleagues - ask them to take the quiz then share their results for your records and so you can follow up on areas for development.

What have we found out so far?

14% of colleagues would put themselves at risk of viewing a sexual image of a child (which is illegal)

Thousands of colleagues have used the quizzes and the data is helping to show where there are gaps in knowledge. In response, we have provided two new resources for you:

Let us know how you get on! Hear more on our YouTube channel here.

Let's Get Quizzing!

Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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