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When Ofsted Inspects Safeguarding

The journey - from receiving 'the call' through to grading

In 2022 we met the Stoke Park School Designated Safeguarding Lead who had experienced 3 Ofsted visits in the space of a year (pilot post-covid inspection, standard inspection and a visit linked to the LA's inspection). This video takes you step by step through the whole journey, from 'the phone call' through both days of the inspection to grading.

Find out which elements were probed and how, what questions were asked, including the unexpected, who inspectors engaged with around the school/how, and what steps you might take to be best prepared.

Find out how the inspection is much more than the handbook list of information to provide

Creating an Effective Safeguarding Culture

This video of a session with two HMIs in the North-West region gives the Ofsted perspective of what they want to see in terms of a culture of safeguarding.

Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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