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Fast, Filtered and Fortified Broadband

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Fast, Armour-Plated Connectivity

Fast Filtered and Fortified School Broadband

Fast, filtered and Fortified broadband connectivity with bundles of extras

LGfL broadband connects your school or Multi Academy Trust to the National Grid for Learning which has the capacity, security and safeguards to meet your school or Multi Academy Trust's needs

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Why is LGfL Unique?

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Bundled Extras

Save thousands of pounds with the value added extras that we include for schools and Multi Academy Trusts with our broadband

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Additional connectivity to keep you connected

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Bandwidth Boost

Bandwidth Boost

Upgrade your bandwidth with LGfL

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Why consider LGfL broadband?

John Jackson, LGfL CEO highlights the key features and benefits of the LGfL service, available to all schools nationally as part of the National Grid for Learning.

What do our Customers say about us?

Hear about how LGfL enables the digital transformation of Multi-Academy Trusts and Schools

Exning Primary school identified the need to upgrade their connectivity to support their strategic vision for the role of technology to support effective Teaching and Learning.

Members of the LGfL community visited the LGfL stand at Bett and told us about the positive impact that the service was having on their school community.

Find out more about how LGfL helps you keep pupils safe online at your school with web filtering through our WebScreen product.

Capacity and Security

LGfL broadband connects your school or Multi Academy Trust to the National Grid for Learning which has the capacity, security and safeguards to meet your school or Multi Academy Trust's needs:

  • DDoS & firewall protected to keep your school and MAT safe and secure

  • MPLS private cloud designed for scale & high peformance

  • VRF enabled to support traffic segmentation and shared services

  • Quality of Service (QoS) ready for traffic prioritisation for apps such as VoIP

Frequently Asked Questions

    LGfL is cheaper than other broadband and digital solutions on a like for like basis taking into account the features and bundled items we provide. We offer fantastic value for money. Indeed a school can save thousands – perhaps more than the cost of the broadband - by taking advantage of all the additional items that we bundle with broadband including resources, CPD and conferences. Information on the savings that can be generated from taking advantage of the LGfL bundle (Let’s Get Digital) is available here at

    Yes! LGfL broadband is available everywhere and we are the National Grid for Learning. Our network can be accessed anywhere in the UK because our network is already making use of many different telecommunications companies. This means that when our preferred partner VMB can’t deliver a circuit to a location for us we have arrangements in place that enable broadband provision through other companies such as BT and Talk Talk. Our move to national provision means that LGfL is now growing at pace around the UK including the North West, the Midlands along with the South West and South East of the country.

    Our broadband is designed for education, designed to go fast and to protect children. Unlike vanilla broadband we make sure that we keep children safe and data in schools secure. With remote learning on the increase, along with the use of cloud services, we also make sure that we build in capacity for expansion without incurring punitive costs to our customers. Since 2015 we’ve upgraded our schools twice to make sure they are future proofed and benefitting from modern kit, not exposed by being connected to obsolescent kit.

    LGfL broadband is based on symmetrical fibre. This means our upload and download speeds are identical so when you have 100 Mbps connections from us, you have 200 Mbps total capacity. Many connections offer asynchronous connections (which are generally cheaper) but it means that you may have 100 Mbps broadband made up of say 70 Mbps one way and 30 Mbps the other. At peak times this can lead to contention and poor performance.

    LGfL broadband connects schools and MATs to a National Grid for Learning (NGfL) rather than connecting a school directly to the internet which many of our competitors do. Any connection from LGfL to NGfL includes multiple layers of security and safeguards. This includes DDos, firewalls, anti virus, ransomware protection, malware protection and security monitoring. The network design is designed for speed and can be delivered at speeds from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps. LGfL installs market leading equipment with the capacity to support growth wherever possible. Our National Grid for Learning is constantly monitored for exceptions and events of concern such as outages or potential security threats. LGfL, unlike other providers, also includes free product changes and upgrades without charging schools more money.

    Yes! LGfL’s network supports enterprise features essential for MATs and private networks. These virtual networks can exist between any endpoints in the UK so if schools are widely dispersed across the UK that doesn’t matter with LGfL.

    The National Grid for Learning is an MPLS WAN which brings a range of advanced networking options for complex needs. All connections are provided within an IPVPN which means that connections and data are encrypted. For mission critical applications, NGfL provides support for Quality of Service enabling time critical data such as voice calls to have priority over the network. If your MAT wishes to create a shared datacentre, LGfL can create a multi site VRF to guarantee performance and throughout between connected sites and the shared centre. If you need layer 2 services we can also configure our network to support them. Indeed, we have a passion for supporting complex configurations and requirements so if we'd be delighted to help solve your problems and needs.

    Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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