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IncludED Case Studies

Inspirational inclusive practice from across the LGfL community

Effective use of symbols across the curriculum and beyond

Senior Staff at Christopher Hatton Primary School has implemented a comprehensive approach to incorporating Widgit symbols across the curriculum and life of the school to ensure access for all learners to key information and achievement in literacy.

Chistopher Hatton Primary School Logo

The Imperium Federation - Greenwich

The Imperium Federation currently consists of two schools, Waterside SEMH Primary (Outreach, Nest, Nurture and Nook) and King's Oak School (previously called Moatbridge).

As long term development partners of LGfL, the leadership team have participated in a number of LGfL projects; sharing their expertise across a range of inclusive contexts and approaches.

Imperium Federation

Whitefield Primary School - Liverpool

“We value each child for who they are and prepare them for who they can be.”

Whitefield school is a place where everyone is treated equally, encouraged and respected. They believe that all children should be able to achieve their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. They are committed to their school being a safe and inclusive place where learning is nurtured and encouraged in a happy, caring and fun environment. They all work for their school to be a happy place where good behaviour is expected and all children enjoy their educational journey.

Whitefield School Logo

St Giles School - Croydon

St. Giles is a Croydon Local Authority Maintained Community School for pupils aged 2-19 with physical disabilities, complex medical needs, complex speech and language difficulties and associated learning difficulties, moderate(MLD), severe(SLD) and profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD). St Giles Nursery is part of the Croydon Local Offer for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and has places for 12-part time or 6 full time nursery children aged over two with identified needs under the Croydon commissioning arrangements.

Pupils with PMLD aged 16-19can remain at St Giles in the Further Education Unit for pupils.

St Giles' Schools Logo

Highfurlong - Blackpool

Highfurlong has a long tradition of using technology to support learners with higher needs. They have wide experience of using technology to facilitate and enhance communication; allowing pupils to show their individual personalities and share their thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes instead of others presuming and thinking for them. Their strategic vision is that assistive technology becomes a lifelong, lifesaving tool for their pupils.

Highfurlong School Logo

Flakefleet - Blackpool

Flakefleet Primary School is strongly committed to helping their children grow and develop the skills that they will need to be successful in life. They take great pride in the broad and exciting curriculum they offer their children and the range of support they receive in order to thrive. As importantly as the core academic skills their children learn, they want everyone to be happy within school, feel safe and confident to take on the challenges they will face as they grow older. Resilience, aspirations and the willingness and ability to take risks, believe in oneself and learn from mistakes are qualities that they believe are essential.

Flakefleet Logo

Exning Primary School - Newmarket

The award winning Exning Primary School provides an outstanding education within the context and understanding of shared values. Children are taught kindness, co-operation, resilience, honesty, respect, concentration and perseverance, creating an emotionally aware school family, within a safe and secure environment.

Exning Primary School

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