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Positive Parental Engagement in Schools

Discover effective strategies to foster positive parental engagement in your school. Enhance communication, build trust, involve parents in their child's education, and address diverse needs.

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Why is parental engagement so important?

'We know that often parents can be really challenged with some of the emotions of their children and we often see those behaviour symptoms. If we're able to effectively share knowledge with the parents and carers within schools, we develop that consistent approach around the shared language that we're using with young people, around understanding what poor mental health looks like. This can be helpful to support the parents with their parenting capacity.'

How can you engage parents with MHWB issues in school?

'I think it is important is to consider that team around the child; with that focal point of what are the best outcomes that we can provide for intervention for that child and young person. But I think what is always a struggle is engaging those parents who for whatever reason don't want to engage. But the key message here is to never give up and always ensure that you're highlighting your inclusive offer to everybody within the school community.'

How can you help pupils if their parents cannot or will not engage in a partnership with the school?

'For many schools, they find it incredibly challenging to engage those parents, for whatever reason, are unable to engage with the school. We need to consider are the things that we have the power to change ourselves as individuals. So what can you do currently within your everyday role within school to support those young people, to close that emotional development gap? If they're not receiving adequate support at home, we need to look at this without judgment and shame. But focus on what can we offer within our school to layer up that support for young people'

Schools are at the heart of the community, engaging with parents, governors and the wider community as part of a schools wellbeing strategy is essential and should be part of the school’s mission and values.

This should enable parents to feel that they are an important part of the school community and are able to have a voice while at the same time providing support and guidance to them.

Governors also have a duty to ensure that wellbeing is promoted in schools working alongside school leaders, ensuring that policies and procedures are effective for the pupils, staff and the wider community.

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