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Pilot Opportunities at LGfL

Experience the latest online and digital technologies within the LGfL community

We have over 20 years of experience providing early access to innovative technologies to support effective teaching and learning. 

Where possible, we help provide access to technologies for LGfL schools to experiment, explore, and then share our findings with the wider LGfL community of schools and beyond. Our results do not always end up with an endorsement of the technology – but in many cases, the findings trigger further innovation, investment and adoption within the LGfL schools community.

Upcoming Pilot Opportunities

School Bank

Inspired by Danesfield Primary School and developed and funded by LEO Academy Trust and Ribblesdale Secondary School in Clitheroe, this innovative portal allows schools to develop their own internal banking system and shop for pupils to learn about financial management. Incorporating QR codes and contactless technology, schools can integrate their reward systems and model real-life financial systems and contexts for pupils to learn about and develop essential life skills.

AI in Education - Teach Mate AI Pilot

Exploring how AI can help with workload, curriculum & lesson planning and other content-creation activities for teachers. Built by teaching and tech experts Lee ‘Mr. P ICT’ Parkinson, Dr. Jon Chippindall, AKA ‘Dr. Chips’ and Ian Cunningham.

Other Opportunities for Schools

Sandbox AR - WW2

We are looking for LGfL schools interested in developing impact case studies featuring the new World War 2 Content pack available in the Sandbox AR platform

Growing Up Around The World

We are looking for LGfL schools interested in developing impact case studies featuring this unique resource that tracks the biological, mental and educational progress of a small number of young people growing up around the world. Similar to The BBC Child of Our Time with Robert Winston, but instead showing children from around the world. This resource offers a unique insight into the factors affecting life outcomes, with some unexpected outcomes for some children featured.

Sandbox AR - Sensory Pilot

Many schools have developed sensory rooms and/or adapted spaces within schools to help bring calm or specifically managed stimulation that is not normally created within an everyday classroom context. We are looking for LGfL schools interested in developing impact case studies featuring Immersive user-generated experiences using Sandbox AR to explore mindfulness and behaviour management in mainstream and SEND contexts

If you are interested in any of the pilot opportunities or would like to find out more - please email

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