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Award-winning numeracy, literacy and creative activities spanning Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2

Create, edit, style, save, share, publish, blog, vote, review! Integrated online tools for use across the curriculum

Regular interviews and live video conferences with some of the best contemporary children's authors

EYFS Spotlight is a way of highlighting the many varied resources that LGfL offers to help your Early Years Foundation Stage setting by providing topic maps and planning

Simply-drawn, colourful symbols for use in SEND, EAL and beyond to illustrate concepts in a clear and concise way

The goal is to support creative activities that promote critical reflection and honest conversation within school communities. enabling all members to engage with issues that matter

Immersive Learning - Create user-generated immersive environments and scenarios using an iPad the Sandbox platform and a creative mind

Switch-compatible literacy tool from SEN Assist for SEND pupils but ideal for EYFS too

Featuring expert video, Fossils and Dinosaurs features the development of life on our planet over billions of years.

An interactive benchmark document for teachers from CAS (Computing at School) for the Primary curriculum

Simple and effective advice for non-specialist Art teachers to inspire creative art activities at school

Our hub is a 'one-stop-shop' for all of LGfL’s computing resources, joining together various resources from the portfolio, including a SoW, training and much more

Online training units to support practitioners working with black and minority ethnic (BME) children and those learning English as an additional language (EAL)

Vocational support (getting a job, interviews, training and dealing with work problems) for SEND pupils

Unique access to curated collections of high-resolution images from a range of national cultural institutions, all licensed for educational use

Photo-based resources for pupils with social and communication needs, especially those with autism

Advice on supporting young people with bereavement; including a sudden death, having honest conversations about death and grief and more

This resource features experienced senior leaders from the LGfL community who have shared their insights into the role of iPad to deliver effective teaching and learning in their schools

Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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