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LGfL in KCSIE 2023

We know this won't be the most important thing for you as you review KCSIE 2023, but we appreciate the recognition of our safeguarding resources that have been included in 2023 and the opportunity to have them seen by a wider audience so here's a rundown of some of the key resources that we created which feature in KCSIE this year. Remember they are free to all schools! 

Reviewing online safety

Page 38 - an online safety audit has been recommended in KCSIE for a number of years, and our template is specifically mentioned. Click on the image to access the audit.

Responding to reports of Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment KCSIE

Page 111 features our really important resource 'Undressed' for very young children

Preventing radicalisation Radicalisation

Page 152/160 references our collection which signposts to radicalisation and extremism resources

Online Safety Advice

Page 158/9 refers to our overall online safety resources

Online Safety - Parental support

ParentSafe, our resource to share directly with parents is featured on page 159

Online Safety Advice - Remote education, virtual lessons and live streaming

On the same page (159) our safeguarding tips for remote learning are mentioned

Harmful Sexual Behaviour

On page 162, our collection of resources to help with with issue of sharing nudes

Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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