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Explore our support for safeguarding statutory guidance


Ofsted inspections can cause lots of anxiety for school staff, especially when it comes to safeguarding. We have created two resources to help prepare and hopefully therefore reduce anxiety.

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Updates to Government Guidance

Resources developed to help schools keep up to date with statutory and non-statutory guidance related to safeguarding. We will continue to update this page when new or consultation guidance is published.

Government Guidance

Meet The MASH

Find out more about the workings of A Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub: how can we better understand and work with health, social care and police colleagues? And what should we look out for as we start the new school year?

Meet the MASH

Online Safety Principles

We offer lots of training, guidance, staff resources and classroom materials to support the work of safeguarding, with online safety in particular, we always come back to some key principles which may help you reflect upon and review your policies and processes, and your educational approaches and materials.

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Online Safety Audit

According to Keeping Children Safe in Education, “Schools and colleges should consider carrying out an annual review of their approach to online safety, supported by an annual risk assessment that considers and reflects the risks their children face.” LGfL has created a document to help you complete such an assessment.

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Safer Internet Day

Explore ways to empower schools, parents and pupils to have a conversation, make a change and ultimately stay safer online

Safer Internet Day 2024

Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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