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NCSC Report

In May 2022, 805 schools from across the United Kingdom took part in the second nationwide audit of cybersecurity in schools. The audit was run in partnership between the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC, part of GCHQ) and LGfL - the findings and analysis are now available below.

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The Elevate Cybersecurity Toolkit is a collection of key documents that schools can use to elevate their cybersecurity. It can be used as a foundation for schools that want to attain Cyber Essentials Certification.

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Free cyber security training to support schools with the tools they need to ensure they are practising good cyber hygiene in school and at home.

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Security School Report

LGfL's Security School Report allows you to check your school or MAT's security vulnerabilities at no charge.

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Cybersecurity Newsletter

what’s going on in the world of education cybersecurity that will help you keep your school secure: the latest LGfL protections and services, plus news and guidance.

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Internal Critical Vulnerability Scan

LGfL understands the importance of a secure network and knows that schools depend upon technology to deliver educational services for their pupils. Internal Critical Vulnerability Scan is a part of LGfL’s CyberCloud centre of excellence in cybersecurity, introduced to help schools identify technical security vulnerabilities on their internal networks.

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Sophos Phish

Phishing is a business, but it doesn’t stop at the school gate. If you are a busy teacher trying to sort as many emails as possible before the next lesson, it can be so easy to click on a suspicious email. Especially since they often don’t even look suspicious anymore.

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