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Inclusive multimedia resources to support young people, including those with SEND, access important areas within Life Skills, including Relationships, Money, Citizenship, Travel and Leisure. These include widgit symbols to support accessibility.

These multimedia resources have been designed to develop employability skills and to support literacy, numeracy and PSHE for secondary schools. They have been designed for all learners, including those with SEND.

Complete coverage of the Primary Science National Curriculum, including teacher guides and videos, presentations, worksheets and interactives

A free app making reading more accessible for visually impaired and those with a neurodiverse condition such as dyslexia or any other print impairment.

SEN Assists Early Shakespeare includes offline activities and accessible animations of A Midsummer Nights Dream and Romeo and Juliet created specifically for those with SEND. The software incorporates specialist principles, clear and engaging visuals and a range of differentiated activities.

Support for practitioners working with black and minority ethnic (BME) children and those learning English as an additional language (EAL)

Bereavement Toolkit - Grief is a normal and natural response to loss, yet how pupils are supported can have significant impacts on long term outcomes

The New Arrivals Tool was designed to collect information from parents/carers of new arrivals whose language is not English. The tool supports the induction and early profiling of newly arrived learners, by providing a framework to collect background information. This helps schools think about the most effective provision for the newly arrived learner.

The BETT award-winning Busy Things includes many interactive and multisensory activities that are short, clear, motivating, humorous and which provide instant rewards. These resources are especially popular for pupils with SEND of all ages and can used to extend G&T in younger learners. You do not have to navigate through year group and key stage for older learners.

The Maths at home resource is designed to provide support for parents and carers that wish to help their child with their mathematical development at home. A video has been made for every single National Curriculum descriptor for the whole of Key Stage 1 and 2, as well as an overview video for Early Years. This will apply to parents and carers of older learners with SEND.

A film drama exploring the issues young people face as they transition to adulthood and independent living.

Widgit Symbols are simply drawn symbols designed to illustrate a single concept in a clear and concise way. Already used by many SEND and EAL specialists, the entire symbol database of over 15,000 images and over 1,000 activity sheets, differentiated books and classroom resources for many curriculum subjects.

Covering the development of life on our planet; from the very first signs, to the emergence and subsequent demise of the dinosaurs and the evolution of Homo Sapiens.

Mission to the Moon - This unique and engaging cross curricular resource is based around an original story commissioned by LGfL by the award-winning author Cath Howe.

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