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Safe Filtering

From KCSIE 2023, the DSL is asked to take lead responsibility for web filtering and consider the DfE standards. The videos and downloads on this page will support your journey towards this - whether you are a beginner or have worked for years with your technical teams to better understand and effectively manage filtering.

Safe Filtering Help

Safe Monitoring

KCSIE 2023 has new expectations on filtering and monitoring, we have accelerated our plans and will soon have news on a new monitoring service, alongside an expanded team and more of the same great advice, guidance and support that you have come to expect from LGfL.

Safe Monitoring


To help meet the DfE Standards on filtering, we are looking to the future with SchoolProtect, our suite of products for keeping children safe on the internet when they are in school.

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WebScreen Support

Find out about everything you can do in our WebScreen web filtering product for use in schools on the WebScreen info page.



Web filtering for remote learning, designed in partnership with schools to keep children safe

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Ensures secure and encrypted messaging and GDPR compliance for schools sending personal and confidential data.



Ensure safe and appropriate access to the educational videos you need: appropriate without overblocking

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Online Safety Audit

A customisable document, free for you to download and use in your school.

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Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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