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A to Z of LGfL services

LGfL is a charity whose mission is the advancement of Education. We don’t profit from schools and we invest back into Education. LGfL’s broadband subscription is unique and is delivered to thousands of schools nationally.

When you subscribe to LGfL you receive:

    A Fast and Secure Connection

    LGfL specialises in delivering schools, MATs and Local Authorities a unique and secure connection to the internet which is delivered using very fast fibre over our uncontended national network.

    All network traffic is encrypted using an IPVPN tunnel and is contained within a private network. Each secure connection is shielded from cyber threats by LGfL’s multi layered Cybersecurity Defences (CyberCloud). All connections are constantly monitored for threats including DDoS and vulnerabilities. LGfL installs equipment in your school that enables bandwidth upgrades without incurring significant costs. All secure connections are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our Network Management Centre

    Fast Filtered and Fortified School Broadband
    Included in your LGfL Subscription
    Fast Fibre Connection with speeds up to 10 Gbps Encrypted Network Traffic Flows Synchronous Connection with Same Upload and Download Speeds to cope with peaks in demand
    Multiple Layers of Cybersecurity Included for Free Uncontended Traffic Flows to Ensure Consistent Speeds, Even at Peak Times No install charges
    JANET Internet Service Optimised for Education Resilient Connectivity National Reach supported by multiple telecommunications providers

      Cybercloud - Layers of Cyber Defence

      LGfL wraps multiple layers of security around your fast connection to keep your school, MAT and Local Authority safe. We call this shield, CyberCloud. CyberCloud includes a firewall management service, ransomware protection, anti-virus software, encrypted cloud backups, DDoS protection. CyberCloud also reduces much of the burdensome activities from schools including monitoring services around the clock, remediating threats and identifying vulnerabilities proactively that would take time and effort away from teaching and learning.

      LGfL partners with organisations including JANET and the National Cyber Security Service (NCSC) to protect your data and schools. LGfL is constantly improving and enhancing its cyber defences to keep your school protected.

      Loads of Extra Bunded Services
      Included in your LGfL Subscription
      Managed Firewall Service Firewall MOT Service Email Virus Scanning & Spam Protection
      DDoS Protection Ransomware Protection Anti-Virus Protection in School and at Home
      Internal Critical Vulnerability Scanning Secure Remote Access Service Malware Protection
      Cyber Alarms Notification Service DNS DDoS Protection Email Phish Protection
      School Self Service Security Rating Service Security Operations Centre Manage Your Devices Securely
      Encrypted Cloud Backup Secure File Exchange Automated Patch and Vulnerability Management Service
      LGfL Cybersecurity Newsletter Best Practice Cybersecurity Resources Cybersecurity Research
      Cybersecurity Training and Guidance    

      Safeguarding Children

      LGfL bundles a range of teaching and learning resources to support schools harness technology effectively. This includes free access to leading educational packages such as Busy Things as well as resources to help with digital strategy. LGfL delivers hundreds of training opportunities to schools on priority areas.

      safeguarding gif
      Our Teaching and Learning Resources
      SchoolProtect Filtering Platform for Schools HomeProtect Filtering Platform for Remote Learning Safeguarding Best Practice Resources and Guides for Schools and Governors
      SafeProtect for Monitoring (being procured) Safeskills for Building Children’s Awareness of Cyber Risks including cyber bullying, fraud and exploitation Safeguarding Training and Development for Governors
      Safeguarding Training and Development for schools Neglect Training and Development Designated Safeguarding Lead Training and Development
      Statutory Guidance Safeguarding for Parents Resources and Guides LGfL Safeguarding Newsletter

      Teaching and Learning Support

      LGfL bundles a range of teaching and learning resources to support schools harness technology effectively. This includes free access to leading educational packages such as Busy Things as well as resources to help with digital strategy. LGfL delivers hundreds of training opportunities to schools on priority areas and there is also the virtual Staff Room where teachers can get together and collaborate.

      Our Teaching and Learning Resources
      Adobe Creative Cloud Busy Things Just 2 Easy
      Digital Strategy Resources Support for OFSTED Inspections Curriculum Conferences
      Online Training and Development LGfL Educators Newsletter Big Staff Meeting
      Best Practice Teaching and Learning Case Studies Pedagogy and Digital Strategy  

      Efficiencies and Value for Money

      LGfL purchases at massive scale which generates economies of scale. This enables LGfL to provide a dedicated national network and bundle layers of cyber defence, safeguarding and learning resources into your subscription. If schools use the bundles resources, then you will quickly save more money than the cost of the subscription. You can also purchase directly from LGfL as we are a Central Purchasing Body which means that we have already sourced our services in a procurement complaint way.

      savings schools money

      Savings start straight away. LGfL offers an EasySwitch Service to support schools move across with as little disruption as possible including help with setting up firewalls, avoiding parallel running charges with your existing provider as well as making sure all key services are set-up when you join. In some cases, we are prepared to enable your school to have access to some products even before the connection is installed so you can start saving straightaway.

      LGfL is committed to tackling inequality and supporting schools claim Free School Meals. As part of the LGfL subscription we include an eligibility checker which enables schools and parents to check whether they are eligible and claim much needed additional funding for the school.

      What's included in your subscription
      Smartbuy and be Procurement Compliant Savings and Efficiency Calculator - Check out how much your school is and could be saving with LGfL Easyswitch - Take the cost and hassle out of moving from your existing broadband provider
      Free School Meals Eligibility Checker

      Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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